The belief in superstition and luck, for some, belongs to the realm of supernatural, an irrational behavior, a performative illusionist, to me, such beliefs is also the invocation of invisible forces which change or shape our physical world that brings forth transformations of our sense and reality itself.

These series of objects each carries metaphorical meanings are informed by a professional Feng Shui Master’s instructions are made to potentially improve my life. By intentionally altering the Master’s instructions on the use of specific ethnographic objects, the work aims to blur boundaries between traditions and modernity, functions and dysfunctions, the irrational and rationality. 

"Place a 如意 where you work most", 2019

Led Panel, Table, Electrical wiring 

"The Bathroom Should be Pink", 2019

Dice, Vase, Plant, Pipe, Handle, Wheels, Rug 

"Only in multiples of tens", 2019

Golden Eggs, Arrows, Hooks  

Documents made by Mr Anthony (Feng Shui Master), 2019